UST Record Categories

Underground storage tank owners and operators are required to maintain records that pertain to their system. These records must be readily available to demonstrate compliance with state and federal regulations. There are several types of records owners and operators must keep.

1. Notifications

Includes records that should have been submitted to the regulating authority upon completion. Examples include installation documentation, notices of temporary closure, system compatibility forms, and notifications of spills or releases.

2. Release Detection

Often gets the most attention from regulators and compliance inspectors, as it includes the entire UST system leak monitoring records. Leak detection records must be retained for a full year. Tank release detection is generally ATG, SIR, or interstitial monitoring (IM). Line leak detection generally includes monthly electronic line leak testing or an annual 3rd party testing of the lines and leak detectors.

3. Corrosion Protection

Any records pertaining to cathodic protection, including testing, system certifications, or internal tank lining inspections.

4. Financial Responsibility

Current documentation that owners or operators use to demonstrate financial coverage for the costs of corrective action and compensation of third parties that may arise from a release from the petroleum storage tank.

5. Operator Training

All records pertaining to Class A, B, and C operator training, including certifications, emergency response procedures, and emergency contact information. Having response procedures and contact information posted in the proper location is included in this category.


Includes records of vapory recovery installation and testing. Stage 1 vapor recovery equipment must be tested 6 months after installation and then every 3 years thereafter.

7. General

Any documentation that doesn’t neatly fit into one of the above categories, including service work, repairs, software updates, product deliveries, etc.

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