Audit Installer or Service Company

An unbiased system analysis is an integral part of every inspection and consulting project R&A completes. We have conducted over 50,000 on-site inspections of petroleum storage tank facilities since 1999. We are one of the only genuinely independent, third-party inspection service providers in the United States.

The team here at R&A includes licensed inspectors and installers, petroleum storage tank regulation experts, installation inspectors, and more! However, R&A doesn’t sell or install petroleum equipment, so you can trust our team to provide an unbiased, independent audit of the work performed by your current installation or petroleum service company.

R&A’s installer or service company audit services will include:

  • Detailed review of all visible system components

  • Easy to understand inspection report

  • Identification of possible trends in installation or maintenance short-comings 

If a system component has been repaired or installed incorrectly, it could result in a catastrophic loss of product. Partner with R&A to protect your investment. Contact our team today to learn more.

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