Flood Checklist for USTs

Much of the Midwest is facing flooding concerns after a winter filled with heavy snow and ice as well as recent rainstorms. Owners and operators of underground storage tank systems that are in areas projected to flood should take immediate action to protect their site.

Failing to prepare could be disastrous as flood waters have been known to cause tanks to float up and burst out from under concrete or asphalt, destroying product lines in the process. Flooding can also damage leak detection equipment and multiple system components. Take steps to prepare now and save money later by following the checklist below:

  • Ensure all tank openings, including fill ports, are secured and sealed
  • Cap off vent pipes
  • Check that spill bucket plunger seals are working properly
  • Fill the tank with product to weigh it down, which will help prevent floating
  • Record product inventory and water level of tank to account for potential product loss
  • Turn off all electricity to the UST system, including power to dispensers, pumps, turbines, ATG consoles, canopy lighting, or any other system components
  • Place sand bags, a heavy dumpster, or large containers full of heavy materials over the tank location for additional protection against floating
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