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R&A Risk Professionals is recognized nationally as the leader in environmental risk management for the petroleum marketing industry. Since 1999, R&A has been providing independent, third-party compliance inspections for petroleum UST and AST facilities throughout the United States. As an independent, third-party inspector, we do not perform repairs, sell equipment or install equipment. Our inspections are designed to provide an unbiased inspection of all system components. Our inspections necessarily evaluate the quality of the installation work and any repairs that may have occurred. Because we do not install or sell petroleum equipment, we can provide a truly 100% independent evaluation of all facility equipment and operations.

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30-Day Walkthrough Inspection Reporting   Posted: 03/21/2019

Has your underground storage tank (UST) facility started conducting 30-day walkthrough inspections yet? The deadline to meet the 2015 EPA UST regulations was in October 2018. If you haven’t started ...

Flood Checklist for USTs   Posted: 03/14/2019

Much of the Midwest is facing flooding concerns after a winter filled with heavy snow and ice as well as recent rainstorms. Owners and operators of underground storage tank systems that are in areas...

Spring UST Containment Maintenance   Posted: 03/07/2019

Spring is coming! Temperatures are starting to rise and all of that snow and ice will soon be melting. With ground temperatures still measuring below freezing, it’s important that UST owners and ope...

FIT - Frequent Integrity Testing   Posted: 10/11/2018

The Frequent Integrity Test (FIT) method is an annual visual integrity test of underground storage tank (UST) components including overfill devices, containment sumps, and automatic tank gauge (...


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  • Petroleum UST and AST inspections
  • Walkthrough Inspections
  • 30 day UST inspections (spill prevention equipment and release detection equipment)
  • Annual UST inspections (containment sumps, handheld release detection equipment)
  • Compliance inspections
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Loss Control inspections

R&A has provided UST operator training since before it was mandated by the 2005 Energy Policy Act. Our training meets all the requirements of the USEPA and the new 2015 regulations. R&A also offers an installer course and a compliance inspector course. Click on the links below for more information. We can customize our courses for your needs.

Iowa UST Class A/B Operator Training Course

Iowa UST Compliance Inspector Course

Iowa UST Installer Course

Iowa UST Remover Course


R&A staff have managed over 10,000 environmental claims throughout the United States. We provide oversight for private companies, state programs and insurance companies.

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