UST Operational Audits

R&A has been responsible for some of the most effective and efficient maintenance procedures in the petroleum marketing industry. Our innovative approach includes preventative maintenance practices with an emphasis on loss control. We know what it takes to successfully manage petroleum storage tank facilities.

R&A will perform an in-depth inspection of your petroleum storage tank facility. Upon completion of the on-site inspection, our team will conduct an internal review of the field work and prepare a report that details the results for the facility.

Third-party inspection audits are an invaluable tool for your environmental risk management team.

  1. Ensures compliance and operational information is accurate, reliable, and follows established standards and regulatory mandates.

  2. Results and data tracked and managed efficiently with client-centered reporting.

  3. Provides an objective view of the accuracy and completeness of regulatory testing and inspections as well as identify areas for improvement.

    1. Eliminates incentive or bias to misstate compliance or operational status.

    2. Field staff and installation vendors react positively knowing there is oversight.

    3. Ensures truthful and honest system evaluations.

    4. Fraud prevention.

  4. Allows internal staff to focus on other income producing activities.

  5. Reduces release response expense.

    1. Identifies compliance or maintenance deficiencies

    2. Reduces frequency of system failures and releases to the environment.

    3. Improves field operations by directing attention to greatest risks.

  6. Assists with capital expenditure management.

    1. Management tool to make improvements to processes and internal controls.

    2. Compromised components identified before failure occurs.

    3. Maintenance and repair costs prioritized based upon need.

  7. Verifies reporting accuracy of environmental liabilities.

  8. Satisfies regulatory compliance requirements.

  9. As an environmental best practice, increases shareholder and public trust in operations.

  10. Consistent, on-time compliance reporting with data tracked and managed efficiently.

Your personalized inspection report can include:

  • Identification of opportunities for improved maintenance practices

  • Listing of analysis of work completed by your field service team

  • Information regarding additional industry training that may benefit your team

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