R&A is one of the few truly independent, third-party petroleum storage tank inspection companies in the United States. We don’t sell or install petroleum equipment, so you can rest assured that your inspection results are thorough and never influenced by sales.

Our goal is to ensure every facility receives a 100 percent independent evaluation and that each operator has a thorough understanding of their system, which directly impacts their business.

We offer a variety of personalized inspections that are tailored to fit your needs. Our flexible reporting procedures make it easier for you to coordinate repairs or preventative maintenance with your service company.

UST Walkthrough Inspections

You have three options to comply with 30 day and annual inspections:

  1. 1. Use trained UST field technicians

  2. 2. Use minimally trained class C operators (store clerks)

  3. 3. Outsource to a qualified team of inspectors

Is managing schedules to comply with 30-day inspection requirements the best use of your in-house field technicians?  Do you want your best technicians running from store to store to meet arbitrary deadlines or do you want them to prioritize your other, more immediate service needs?

Remember, it's not just about doing the inspection. It is also about documenting the inspection and being able to maintain and access the proper records when needed. 

Outsourcing your walkthrough inspections to the experts makes sense.  It is the best use of your HR resources and reduces your liability and regulatory risk profile.  Finding professionals that are knowledgeable, efficient and responsive to your scheduling needs can be a real challenge.

The R&A team is your walkthrough inspection solution. We know tanks. 

While most states have adopted the federally mandated regulations verbatim, the forms and processes to comply with the requirements differ by jurisdiction.  We have automated the forms and processes for every jurisdiction we serve.  We handle the details and the headaches, so you don’t have to.

Keep your store associates in the store.  Let your field technicians focus on your most pressing needs.  Let us handle the scheduling, documentation, tracking and professional inspection services needed to keep you safe and in compliance with regulatory inspection requirements. 

Annual Walkthrough

In 2015, the US EPA published new regulations for underground storage tanks that includes updated testing and inspection requirements.  In addition to now requiring 30-Day Walkthrough Inspections, UST owners and operators must conduct an annual walkthrough inspection of the UST system.

30-Day Walkthrough

The US EPA published new regulations in 2015 for underground storage tanks that includes updated testing and inspection requirements. Implementation of the new requirements varies depending on which state the UST system is in and if that state has an approved state regulatory program (SPA) or not.

Other Inspections


When buying a used car, it’s generally recommended that the prospective buyer ask a trusted auto mechanic to inspect the vehicle prior to purchasing. C-stores shouldn’t be any different!

EPA & State Compliance

The US EPA state program approval (SPA) regulations require that state programs be at least as rigorous as the federal program. Overall, state regulators have similar requirements for their petroleum storage tank owners, though there are some differences from state to state. R&A makes sense of the regulations so you can focus on your business!

Loss Control

As the creator of the most effective on-site inspection and loss control program in the industry, R&A is fully prepared to assist you with keeping your site in the best working condition possible. R&A’s loss control inspection program identifies current and potential problems before they develop into losses, saving you time and money.

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