EPA & State Compliance Inspections

The US EPA state program approval (SPA) regulations require that state programs be at least as rigorous as the federal program. Overall, state regulators have similar requirements for their petroleum storage tank owners, though there are some differences from state to state. R&A makes sense of the regulations so you can focus on your business!

One of the most notable differences from state to state is the regulatory compliance inspection cycle. Some states require that every facility have a compliance inspection every two years, others require an inspection every three. Reporting procedures for state compliance inspections can vary as well. With R&A, your compliance inspection report will always be in line with your state regulatory requirements. 

The team at R&A Risk Professionals has provided regulatory compliance inspections since 2007, after the Iowa DNR adopted new rules the year prior, which allowed 3rd party compliance inspections. We have consistently inspected approximately two-thirds of all regulated UST facilities in our home state. R&A also conducts UST and AST inspections in Missouri on behalf of the Missouri Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund and UST regulatory inspections on behalf of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  

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