UST Spill Kit Must-Haves

Every petroleum dispensing facility should have a spill kit on site to immediately address and clean up a spill. The tools and equipment inside of a spill kit can vary from site to site. Most will typically contain personal protective equipment and a variety of items designed for spill containment. Below is a list of suggested supplies, courtesy of the US EPA.

  • Personal Protective Gear (Gloves, Safety Goggles, Safety Vest, Etc.)
  • Containment Devices (Containment Brooms, Dike, or Pillows)
  • Absorbent Material (Kitty Litter, Sand, Saw Dust, or Chopped Corn Cobs)
  • Mats (or other materials) capable of keeping product out of nearby storm drains
  • Spark-free Flashlight
  • Spark-free Shovel
  • Buckets
  • Caution tape, traffic cones, and warning signs

Having a spill kit on hand at your facility is just like having a first aid kit in your home. You hope you don’t have to use it, but you’re always grateful when you need it. Just like a first aid kit, you should check the contents of your spill kit periodically to ensure it is well stocked and that the materials haven’t expired. In addition, all employees should be familiar with the location and contents of the spill kit.

For more information about responding to releases or spills, check out the EPA’s Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tanks guidebook.

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