Renewable Fuels Compatibility

The USEPA has required that UST systems be compatible with the products stored within since 1988. The UST system and the regulated substance must maintain their physical and chemical properties when in contact with each other. If the system is not compatible with the product stored, a leak may occur.

New regulations have been passed by EPA to further ensure system compatibility as newer fuels and blends enter the market.

The regulating authority must be notified at least 30 days prior if a change is made to any of the products below:

  • Products with greater than 10% ethanol
  • Products with greater than 20% biodiesel
  • Any other regulated substance identified by the regulator

In addition, operators need to demonstrate that the equipment and components used to store the product are approved for use with that product. Documentation from the manufacturer confirming the equipment is compatible with the product is acceptable. An alternate means of demonstrating compatibility is to obtain a certification or listing from a nationally recognized, independent testing laboratory, which confirms the components are approved for use. Owners and operators should also contact their insurance provider prior to changing products.

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