Installs & Upgrades

Owners and operators understandably rely heavily on their service company for guidance when installing or upgrading an UST system. However, federal regulation requires owners and operators to ensure that the installation meets an EPA approved method of certification, testing, or inspection to demonstrate compliance. Approved methods include:

  • Installer has been certified by the equipment manufacturer
  • Installer has been certified by the state regulator
  • Installation has been inspected and certified by a registered professional
  • Installation has been inspected by state regulator
  • Work performed completes manufacturer’s installation checklist
  • Owner/operator provides proof of compliance through an alternative method, approved by the state regulator

All installations must follow an approved code of practice, such as PEI RP100 – Recommended Practices for Installation of Underground Liquid Storage Systems or API Recommended Practice 1615 – Installation of Underground Petroleum Storage Systems. In addition, as part of the 2015 EPA regulations, all new and replaced (“upgraded”) tanks and piping must meet the secondary containment requirements. For the EPA’s purposes, piping is considered to have been replaced when 50% or more has been removed or installed. This regulation also requires that all new dispenser systems have under-dispenser containment.

Within 30 days of bringing a new system into use, the owner/operator must submit a Notification of Underground Storage Tanks form. The EPA has a copy available on their website, but owners and operators should check with their state regulator for additional requirements.

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