Have You Scheduled Your UST Inspection?

Iowa Compliance Inspections Due

In the spring of 2006, the Iowa DNR UST Section adopted regulations that required every regulated UST system be inspected every two years by a licensed, private inspector. Previously, the state compliance inspections were completed by DNR field office inspectors. Since the regulation change in 2006 and implementation deadline in 2007, R&A Risk Professionals has been conducting compliance inspections across the state of Iowa for multiple UST owners and operators.

Since 2007, every odd numbered year has been known colloquially as a “compliance year.” There are a few exceptions, but most state compliance inspections are done during the same year. Per the regulation, all site compliance inspections must be conducted within 24 months of the previous site inspection. For example, if a facility was inspected in May of 2017, the next inspection is due before June of 2019. Owner/operators are responsible for contracting an Iowa licensed compliance inspector prior to the deadline.

In many cases, the sooner you contract an inspector, the better. “Compliance years” are understandably a busy time for companies with licensed compliance inspectors and getting your site inspection contracted early on will save everyone involved from undue stress. Contact our office to request a quote for your 2019 inspection today!

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