Annual Equipment Testing Requirements - LD

As part of the new EPA regulations, which include walkthrough inspection requirements, release or “leak” detection equipment must be tested at least annually. The EPA has approved these methods for testing options:

  • Manufacturer’s Instructions
  • A Code of Practice - Developed by a nationally recognized association or independent testing laboratory
  • State Requirements - Developed by your implementing agency

Whatever option your facility chooses, the following items should be checked:

Automatic Tank Gauge & Other Controllers

  • Test the alarm
  • Verify system configuration
  • Test battery backup

Probes & Sensors

  • Inspect for residual buildup
  • Ensure any floats move freely and no shafts are damaged
  • Ensure cables are free of kinks and breaks
  • Test alarm operability and communication with controller

Automatic Line Leak Detector

  • Ensure device activates within an hour when simulating a release (3 gph at 10 lbs. per square inch

Vacuum Pumps & Pressure Gauges

  • Check for proper communication between sensors and controller

In addition, the hand-held electronic sampling equipment used with groundwater and vapor monitoring should be tested for operability.

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