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R&A Risk Professionals (R&A) is the nation's leader in independent third party petroleum storage tank compliance and loss control inspections. R&A's inspections allow you to maximize your compliance efforts and minimize environmental impact in a cost effective manner.

Benefits to Owners and Operators
Cost and Education: R&A's inspection allows for greater understanding of your petroleum storage tank system and release prevention. Our process will allow you to make cost effective response decisions if a release is found and cost saving decisions to prevent a release from occurring. R&A does not repair, install, or sell storage system components. We conduct compliance and loss control inspections. We are not motivated to sell any other services or products.

Detailed Reporting: R&A provides your inspection results in a detailed report with photos. The report also includes the inspector's field comments on specific compliance and prevention issues found during the inspection. Our proprietary database stores all inspection data in a unique, completely scalable and queriable system.

Partnership with Service and Equipment Industry: R&A's inspections allow you to effectively communicate with the service and equipment industry in times of repair and prevention calls. With your agreement, R&A will report inspection results directly to your service provider.